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There are certain things we won’t compromise on! And one of those is ensuring our fabrics are only hand-printed.

We take colours and patterns seriously, which means we travel to India personally to source the fabric for every style in our collection. (Two mums escaping for a spree of kid-free shopping, who can complain!) The fabrics chosen for our current collection are block-printed, screen-printed or weaved all by hand, no machines necessary. 

Block printing is an age-old Indian technique that dates back to the 14th century. Hand-carved wooden blocks are dipped into dye/colour and pressed directly onto fabric leaving a direct impression of the design. Many blocks are used to create a multi coloured print. Block printing is a slow process taking much patience, a skill which passed on through generations. The end result of block printing obtains a highly artistic results.

Screen printing is also an ancient traditional South-Asian technique that entails using a stencil to imprint the fabric. The design is first cut in sheets of cardboard, wood paper, plastic or metal and dye is applied to the fabric through the cut-out areas. One colour is printed onto the fabric at a time and has to dry before the next screen is used to produce the multi-coloured designs.

Ikat hand-weaving and dyeing techniques are one of our absolute favourites. This process involves binding individual and/or bundles of threads (cotton) together into a desired pattern. The threads are then dyed. The bindings are usually altered to create a new pattern and dyed again with another colour. Finally, the bindings are removed, and the threads are woven into cloth. The process of binding, re-designing the threads and dyeing may be repeated several times, to eventually create elaborate and colourful patterns. The ‘hazy’ look of Ikat is a key characteristic of its uniqueness. It's a result of the weaver, lining up all dyed threads, by hand, to ensure that the pattern is reflected in the finished fabric.

The fabrics that are part of the Nunu Bear collection are exquisite and intricate, visual expressions on cotton. Each piece has been twisted, stamped, stencilled and created by hand.

Inconsistencies and imperfections are therefore part of the very distinctiveness of this craft.

Hand-printed fabrics, happy colours, unexpected patterns and charming imperfections. Our fabrics tell a story, let your little bear make it their own.