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Wearable Piece of Art

Travelling seems like such a distant dream right now. With both of us living away from our families’ trips to India, Sri Lanka and Adelaide are usually effortlessly scheduled into our lives, so we can spend time with our families, and very importantly off-load our kids onto their doting grandparents.  

Amidst all the dreariness, however, we have travelled vicariously, along with The Red Dress. What a journey through 28 countries it has been!

It is no surprise that this project, spear headed by Kirstie Macleod caught our attention. 202 embroiders, across the globe, shared a piece of their individual story, that eventually became one dress. Embroiderers from all over the globe including Kenya, Japan, Paris, Sweden, Peru, Czec Republic, Australia, Canada, Russia, Pakistan and India, each embroidered a piece of fabric which were later connected all together, telling a rich and diverse story. The project gave the embroiderers, some of whom are victims of civil war and refugees, a voice and a platform to share their stories through their designs, a glimpse into their identity.


The stories, the art form is exactly what drives Nunu Bear. This is exactly what we aspire to be about! Our fabrics and accessories are all hand-printed and hand-woven. The artisans, with the help of a hand-carved wooden block or stencils, stamp each pattern on our fabrics, by hand. Our baskets are made by weavers who dry and dye the grass that grows by the banks of the rivers in India. The intricacy of our fabrics and accessories, almost defy what can be done by a human hand! The patterns are complex, with layers of colours, and detail. And only if you look closely, can you see what may be deemed as imperfections – an extra droplet of fabric dye or a flower bud rebelling against the pattern! But it is these beautiful little imperfections, which tell our story, that remind us to celebrate the artist and the art form of block printing and screen printing.

Nunu Bear’s sentiments resonate with those embodied by The Red Dress. At the essence they both recognise and deeply value the stories behind the striking and truly unique clothes. Click the link to learn more and follow The Red Dress




All images by Kristie Macleod - The Red Dress 

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